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cross posted from my journal, sorry in advance for language

Since I was asked :p this is the engagement story lol

On Saturday, Matt, his mother, his father, and I went to New York City for some shopping and fun and whatnot. Now, I kind of figured Matt would propose here for a few reasons. Number one, I already knew I wasn't coming home from this trip without a ring. Commitment is really important to me and it was important to me that he and I discuss it thoroughly before we got engaged so I knew it was coming. Second, when I was upset he sort of hinted he wanted it to happen that way. So we spend the day in New York - but not in the most romantic of places. 90% of our time was spent on Canal Street purchasing cheap merchandise in a huge mob where any diamond ring is sure to be a fake, and the other 10%? In sex shops. Not for us, for Matt's parents. I fucking love them.

Anyway, not exactly engagement material, right? So I was admittedly a little bummed out because I WAS expecting it and it didn't happen. I wasn't full out sad or anything - I was so beyond happy to be there with him - but I still thought I was going to get engaged that day.

So anyway.

We're on the train ride back to his parent's apartment where we were spending the night and he started kissing me. He kissed me maybe five times before whispering to me "I want lots more kissies." I grinned and agreed, and went to kiss him again - and he pulled away. "Lots more kisses" he repeated. I was confused as to why he wasn't kissing me, and I looked down....

And there he was, holding the ring.

I stared at it shocked for a good few minutes, not saying a word. My mind seriously drew a blank and I had no idea how to communicate anything. I was dumbfounded until he was like "uh, are you about to say no?" to which I looked at him and whispered "yes." Not to saying no, of course. ;)

It was such an amazing, amazing moment. His parents seemed so happy to welcome me into their family. They told me over and over again how honored they felt and they kept hugging me. At one point, his mom was watching me shake with happiness and she started crying. We went back to their apartment, they poured four glasses of wine, and we had a toast to our wonderful relationship and perfect engagement.

It was wonderful. I would never have asked for a more perfect story to tell :).

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