dasale05 (dasale05) wrote in _online_love_,

hey. i just talked to my fiance Georgo for the first time ever-on the fone. o his voice, better than i had imagined it. deep and rich and o so passionate. in order for him to be able to support me though he cant really use the fne ( these things cost money :-/ ....so next time we talk we'll be at the wedding!!!!!

ahhh its so close. we will be wed at the local church (( ive saved up so long for a ONE WAY TICKET TO HIS HOMETOWN))))...i would say where, but i dont want any stalkers hehe. it is the web. and the party----o its so sweet-at mcdonalds!! i know that sounds cheap, but since he works there we thought it would be so cute-and its all we can afford. so three days from now me and my new hubby we'll be sitting in mcdonalds chowing down cheeseburgers and mckchicken sancwiches--(my favorite) and start out new lives together.

ive never been happier. its like im floating on cloud 9 and im never gunna come down
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