January 5th, 2009



Hey sweeties... I know I've been horrible with maintaining this community, but I want to try to get it back going again. Please promote like crazy!

Online love has been a big part of my life. As many of you know, I've been with my SO since I was only fourteen years old. I'll be twenty next month, and we're as strong as ever. In fact, I'm in his room right now... and...

I have a ring on my finger!

Two nights ago, he proposed to me!!!!!!

I couldn't be luckier!Collapse )

I love this community because we've always been such an amazing support group, and I don't want it to go downhill now! My fairytale romance has been extraordinary, and I know there is a new generation of online daters who need the reassurance that this works. Congratulations to everyone in a relationship and keep on working it! :D