September 10th, 2007

Awesome, Happy, Sku


I've been neglecting LiveJournal, but just so you guys know, I'm still alive and my relationship is still going strong.

We celebrated our 1st year anniversary on July 7th. During this time he was in Italy on vacation, so he had no internet access before, until the 7th when he surprised me by IMing me via an internet cafe.

As I mentioned in my previous journals, that I was wondering what to get him for his birthday. I decided since I did get him an ultra super early birthday present (Poke'mon Diamond), I got him a box full of candy, a "fat cow" (his nickname) plushie, wrote a love note, and drew him a couple of drawings.

His present, on the other hand, was hell to get. You see, I live on "X Circle" whilst a street with the same name as X is near me. So it seems like nearly EVERY time, the post office cannot get this right even if it clearly has "Circle" written on the address. So I waited for about a month, and no show of present. My dad was starting to say things like he's lying about it and is just wanting to get my hopes up, and at some point, shame to me, I was wondering if he was right. But I kept checking the mail everyday. And then, Zach got the package back with a giant "RETURN TO SENDER" stamp slapped on it. So he sent it again, and then in another 2 days, I got it.

I got a fancy-schmancy Italian watch and necklace from when he went to Italy. I'm not much of a jewelry person at all, and it's hard to pick out anything for me when it comes to shiny rocks. But I don't know what he did..but it was just perfect. But you know, his mom probably helped him.

I'll post so pictures of it sometime, but for now I just wanted a quick update for you guys.