June 23rd, 2007

:(, upset, sniff, sad

A Little Gift Advice..

Well, the 7th marks our 1st year anniversary and the 16th is Zach's birthday. But I've been having trouble figuring out what to get him.

See...right now, I'm broke. Like all I have is pocket change that I had saved up from some money my dad would give me to go to the dollar store and buy some things we need for the house. I don't even think I have enough change for $2.

Also recently, my dog had to go into surgery, so this kind of set my family off and it's going to make this month kind of tough. So that said, I'm not sure I can even save up some of my birthday money to buy him something (my birthday is on the 14th; two days earlier than his. Funny that.)

So I can't afford anything expensive, and I need something unique for our upcoming day. I guess I could always draw him something, but I'm running dry on some ideas. Help would be needed.

Oh yeah, I noticed how I have posted a picture of Zach before, but not of me. So be sure to shield your eyes before clicking on this LJ-cut.

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