May 19th, 2007

Sunny Sunflowers

Any Advice is Most Appreciated!

So I am new to this community and later on can do the survey, but I found this group tonight and am in need of some advice.

My story is that I met this girl my sophomore year of high school (I just finished my first year at college this year) through a website called COLAGE (Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere). I requested to get a pen pal, not thinking much of it and started shortly e-mailing with this girl named Sain who also has two mothers, like myself. Our e-mails went to IMs and then phone calls. She was so fun to talk to and I really enjoyed having gotten to know a great friend. Well in my mind she was a friend, but she started developing stronger feelings for me. She started telling me she wanted to date me which confused me because I didn't know how two people who had never met each other in person could date. But we just called/IMed/e-mailed more and were there even more for each other. While the distance always was hard for us we tried to make it work. Often we'd break up and then a few months later realized we both still cared for each other and start dating again. On and off, Sain and I have been dating for four years. I can honestly say I love her and I know she loves me.

And, I am SO SO SO stoked to finally meet her this summer for a week!

Sounds like a great story, right??

Well here's the confusion on my part. I recently was telling my parents and a few friends about our relationship and how we date and love each other but have never met. Well my parents and some friends too have told me they don't think we can really love each other and find the whole dating situation odd. I'm wondering if anyone else in this community has been met with people critizing their online dating and what they did. I wish that what my friends and parents said didn't make me question my relationship, but it does a little. Does that mean I don't love Sain as much as I think I do or just me sorting out the recent conversations I've been having??

Anyway, I appreciate any and all advice I can get.

Thanks so much and this is a great community!

Kati :)
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