May 2nd, 2007

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A lot has changed since that last update, about Stephen and I. Yesterday those two girls came back over to his house while I was on the phone with him and he told them that he was on the phone with his girlfriend & the girl goes "again? god damn" so that was satisfying to me, and then he told them to go away. And they did. I talked about it a lot and voiced a lot of my concerns, but after that happened, I figured why bother. He doesn't seem shady about it, he told me exactly what has been going on without question, and it seems like we're moving on from it which is nice.

Thanks to everyone who read and replied, but to those who think Stephen is a little boy, you're right I thought he was too when he first told me, but believe me he had me believing he was 18 for a damn good while (probably 2-3 months) and ever since he told me otherwise, his personality has not changed at all. He had a tough life growing up and that certainly does mature people, I being one of them. Please don't pass judgement on someone you have never spoken to, I should have made things a little more clear. And for those who think I am going to get arrested for statutory rape, uhhh.. the way it works here I think is if you're 21 or over and you're dating a minor then you can get arrested, other than that it doesn't matter. He'll be 17 before I'm 21 and 17 is considered okay (I worked for sex offender registry) and not only that, but as far as I know it's different in Canada.

To those who stuck up for Stephen... you turned out to be right, and I was just freaking out. I'm pretty much over it and see no real reason to not trust him. Regardless of those lies, he has never lied about who he was as a person, personality wise. Age is a number, his mother has nothing to do with his life, and well, I nabbed his virginity! >:P Significant events in his life were never lied about. I met his dad, spoken to his best friend on the phone numerous times, and everyone in his household knows who I am because he's on the phone with me every free moment he has. I lived with him for a god damn week. I was just, like usual, over reacting.

Don't get me wrong, there are times where I have thought that he may not be mature enough to be in a serious relationship with someone, but I am his first love.. and to be honest, at his age, I was in a serious relationship with someone. Those who know me know about Bruce.. and we were together 3 and a half long ass years at that age, and if it weren't for really stupid shit we'd still be together. It IS possible. Generalized comments obviously do not pertain to everyone.

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