March 14th, 2007


mmm I'm so excited!!

Well my boyfriend is going to be coming to my prom, and I've been really worried because prom is... well... expensive. Infact, it's VERY expensive and I've been ultra worried about affording it. I want to get my hair done, get a nice limo, pretty jewelry and shoes and a handbag... and oh ya... a DRESS. I'm a poor kid with less than $200, haha... well... my aunt emailed me last night... :)

"Subject: Hi Sarah, prom question for you

do you know if you are going? if so, do you know where you want to buy a dress? if so, can we buy it for you? Let me know how much and where and we will get a gift certificate for you........ok? (oh yeah and let me know where you want to buy shoes too)
sam & rich"

She wants to help me out because her senior year, my sister went to France and my aunt helped my family pay for it. I'm not going there because none of my friends can afford it so she wants to do something for me :) I'm so psycheddd