March 10th, 2007



Sorry for being so out of it with the community lately. As you can tell from my own livejournal, I've been way out of the loop. I hate making excuses, but school is stressing me out big time so I do put a lot of the blame on that. Not only that, but the school has blocked livejournal and blogging sites this year, so I can't access it during downtime during the school day either. Sucks.

I do want to say a big welcome to all the new members, and a thanks to all the old ones who are posting like mad. I promise to be more active, and I'll read all of the new entries tomorrow (as I'm way too tired to do so now).

On the plus side, I do have some good news. My boyfriend's family should be moving to New York sometime in the beginning of April. They're looking at a really really really nice house right now (seriously, it's absolutely gorgeous) and plan to put a down payment on it as soon as possible. I, for one, am PSYCHED. There'll still be a distance, but rather than a 6 hour plane ride it'll be a 4 hour car ride! He'll be about 45 minutes from the city (which neither of us have ever seen) as well, which is definitely cool. I'm so excited to be able to see him again soon!!!! It kills me not having seen him since July! As long as the move goes well and they adjust, I plan to see if I can spend my April vacation (spring break, the week of the 16th) with him and his family. Sweeeet. It's going to be great going down there, too, because there are a few new ways to travel aside from plane, ha! There's apparently a bus that can bring me to New York City, there are ferries between Connecticut and Long Island, or I can have my mom or dad drive me half way there. Regardless, I'm STOKED.

Good luck to all of you meeting soon! Trust me, it's going to be a BLAST. You may be nervous now, but there's definitely no need. Make sure to tell us how it goes!!

And if you can, I'd appreciate it if you took the time to promote the community (please, only promote in the communities that ALLOW it... if you aren't sure if they do, it's best not to promote there :)). Our community is awesome and it grows pretty steadily, but I know there are a ton of other kids in our same situations who'd probably like a place to vent about it. We're the fastest growing online love community, at least to my knowledge and what I've seen (though I don't really use the others anymore, so I could be wrong...), so we deserve the most and the best members, for sure ;)

I'll try to get some nice new banners and things up soon to make up for my absense :-p