February 22nd, 2007


so I posted once before, just the survey thing. So me and my "online" guy, Jared,  were going to finally meet in march (march 9th) but that didn't work out because my parents are not ok with it. I planned on just going to see him without telling my parents, I mean I am 20 and I live on my own. But he wanted my parents to know, and wouldn't want that to ruin my relationship with my parents, which is nice I guess. And I get along with my parents very well.  So now who knows when or if we are going to meet. He has off work this week which him and his mom were going to go to the Mall of America and stay for a couple days, which is only like 2 hours from me.  So then I got all excited but the tickets were way to much money last minute. Now we are hoping in April him and his family want to still go to Mall of America. Then I would finally be able to see him, but not as much as I would like, because I have school and work, but hopefully I would take off work. But I guess its better then nothing. We have been in a relationship for over a year now and I really hope it works out. Many times I get worried that it's not goign to work out or we are never going to get to meet. And I'm really nervous about meeting, I'm afraid that he won't like me.  I sometimes think that I'm crazy for being in love with a guy over the internet, who I've never even met.

If anyone has any advice or ideas just let me know. 
Also what to do about parents who don't understand or are afraid they are a "online predator" or something. And trust me he's not!

Or, haha, if anyone knows how to get really cheap plane tickets to that would be great :D

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