January 4th, 2007

Bite me, bitch...

Recently single, anyone? (Community promo)

I read something in the rules about how we can promote other communities so long as they relate to relationships, so here goes.

I recently went on a community spree again for the sake of meeting new people and all that good stuff, so I tried to look for things that fit me pretty well. Seeing as how all of us are not fortunate enough to hold onto a relationship (including online ones), I saw one called recentlysingle and joined up.

This is a BABY community. Seriously, it's brand new and waiting for members to swarm in and give it some life so it's literally what myself and whatever new members join make of it for now which, unfortunately, isn't much.

Anyway, if you're recently single or know someone that is, drop recentlysingle a line and make that terrible transition a less painful one. :P
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