December 20th, 2006

Bite me, bitch...

That's the end of that.

After six months of unadulterated hell in a horribfic relationship, Nic and I have split.
I say this now like it's recent, but this happened a few months ago. I'm just a great procrastinator, that's all. Anyway, he's with a former "friend" of mine now and I'm playing with the idea of being with a co-worker. The conversion from online to RL isn't intentional, he just happens to be here and I actually happen to like him.

Anyway, even though it's been a while since our last split, I still think about Nic on a daily basis and it's difficult adjusting to the idea of never speaking with him (especially on Christmas). We never met and probably never will (he's never even seen my face, to be honest), but oh well.

Life's just like that.
Any online_love_lost communities around here? :P
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