December 15th, 2006


MOD post woooo!!

My wonderful boyfriend is getting me the most beautiful necklace for Christmas ever. He ordered it last night despite my protest (I just don't want him wasting money on me :-p) but I have to say it's gorgeous and I cannot wait for it to arrive (he had it shipped here)

Well, here are the pictures off of the website he got it from:

my god it's so nice!Collapse )

If any of you receive a gift or have a gift for your SO, feel free to post it and explain why it's special :) Even past gifts are fine ;)

And finally, I just want to say happy Hanukkah to any of those celebrating :)

Best Wishes From PDX

So... wow. Where do I start.

Tom is flying in today! He left at around 11:00 last night and gets here in about five hours. It's just now beginning to set in. I'll do my best to cross-post here as well as my personal journal. It's been about five months since we last saw eachother, and although we've been more or less on the rocks during that time, I'm hoping things will all work out.

I'll keep you posted!
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[hp] team discovery channel!

A bit of a pleasant suprise...

So in April I was supposed to fly up to Canada to visit Lynds. We were super excited, but it seemed like an absolute eteeeernity before we would be together. So anyway, I learned that my roommate made a mistake, and spring break is in March, not April. I'm not sure why, but March seems soooo much closer, lol. Anyway, we're super excited, and we have our itinerary planned out (a lot of it is watching movies and cuddling, ha).

We'll be sure to keep you updated, let you know how our first actual "meeting" goes, teehee.

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