November 13th, 2006

  • sareya


Yep, been a long time, I doubt you'll remember me. Sasha will, but I'm not sure she's still in this group.

Anywho. I'm switching from Livejournal to a blog hosted on my own (read: a friend donated hosting space and a domain name, so it's actually his) server. If ya'll find the time, perhaps you'll take a look at the main site (, and perhaps give insight/suggestions as to how to make the site more interactive for other people in online relationships, on accounta Martin and I are quite lost as to what to add. The site is focused on us, yes, but it's also to give encouragement and support and resources to other online/LDrs.

For those interested, there will be updates as to my own LDR (no longer an LDR, YAY!) on my blog. :D
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