November 6th, 2006

  • rapi

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Hmm, I don't feel like updating my main LJ!
Hmm, it's been over two months since I left Georgia and it was definately harder then I thought it would be.
I remember making an emo post in early September that was whining about how I hated college and couldn't handle it when I had been spending the best two months of my life with my babi only a week before. So hmm, things just kept going downhill from there and after two months of depression, crying and hating everything and especially my major, I decided to drop out, oh yeah!
It was really bad there, and one day after I was here, I was fine, wow, way to fix things.
I still want to get back in school quickly, I wanted to go to school in Montreal in February and Brandon would've come to work there and live with me. It was a nice little idea, but it's just too close and I don't feel ready for it. Not for the living with Brandon part, I'd definately do that, even if I'm young, but I don't want to get in school so quickly, especially not in Montreal. So hmm, I'll just work this winter and start paying my debt and get back in school in August.
I don't want to woooork, because it means I'll have to get a driving license ;_;
I don't know if I'll stick to my other tiny college next fall or if I'll post-pone the Montreal plan for there, but I have plenty of time to decide.

But yeaaah, I hate not knowing what I want to do with my life. I like planed things. Surprising coming from me.
But I still love being free and not being tied down to anything and that's why I'm going in Georgia in less then two weeks! <333
I wouldn't be able to afford that myself since I owe the governement about 3000$, but Brandon and his mom are going to pay.
But I know they wouldn't pay 2093109$ of plane tickets, and beside, it's too late so...I'm going to go by bus! Hell yeah!
Can I say anyone here would drive 30-35 hours with only one stop to see their looves?
I know I will!
Leaving on the 16th, whoohoo.