September 7th, 2006


Sorry I havent updated here in a long LONG time. Been busy and lazy at the same time. So here's whats been up...

I moved to Minnesota!!! Thats where I am right now. Living with my boyfriend in his sister's house. Been here for a month now and I love it. Cant hate it one bit. And now I am working at the Casino to get some Money. 

I dont know what else to say about it. Just that I am LOVING every moment and everyday! *big smiles*
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not again


Hi everyone.

This is only my second post here, but I really need a place to share my news.

There's this guy, James. I've been talking to him for about 3 years, we've always just been good friends, but lately it's been different. It's been getting more romantic. In a way we're acting like a couple, but I'm not sure if we really are. 
He's older than me, 23 I think. He lives in Canada. We've talked about the fact that once i graduate and turn 18, we will meet. 
I think I really care about him. He's so good to me. So sweet. 
He told me he loves me. 
I'm confused about my feelings right now, I don't want to get hurt. 

But I'm also excited about new things.