September 4th, 2006


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Sorry for the lack of introductions first. Things are still kinda up in the air between us.

Anyhow, wanted to ask, is there an online version of playing house / shacking up? I know there are some sites that offer cyber weddings, but I would like to do the carry over the treshold thing afterwards. ;P Hopefully for free.

Thanks. (Looking forward to mixing our books.)
not again

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Your name: Vianey
Age: 17
Location: Austin, TX
Your significant other's name: Alex
Their age: 19
Their location: Edinburgh, Scotland
How long have you been together?: We were together for 9 months
Have you met in person?: No
Are you in a long distance relationship at the moment?: No
Before you got involved in this relationship, what did you think of online love?: It's just as real as anything else
Are you in love? If so, when do you think it happened?: I did fall in love with him. He was my first love. I think that it happened over time while he showed me that he loved me.
What are some of your hobbies?: Acting, Singing, Reading, Dancing,
What are some of your significant other's hobbies?: Reading, Airplanes
What kinds of things do you both have in common/like to do together?: We've been through many of the same painful experiences and we took care of each other.
Give a brief summary of how you met (if it's long, put it under an lj-cut):  I was on Recover Your Life (a support website for those who self-harm) and talking to people trying to help them out. He came into the chat and talked to me about what he was feeling, and that he was lonely. I told him I was  there for him and we were friends from that day.