August 31st, 2006


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So I asked my mom about going to Washington for a while...

let's recap, okay?

My boyfriend was supposed to come here for the whole summer, but that wasn't a sure thing and pretty recently the dream got ruinned with the realization that if my boyfriend gets this job, it'll be a great opportunity for him and not only that but it'll look really bad if he works for a month and a half and then quits to come be with me the whole summer. His parents said he can probably take a week to two weeks off to come up, but that's it. We were both unbelievably disapointed with that because we've waited four years for this and we've been praying and dreaming and believing that we'd spend the summer with each other. We basically dreamt too far without realizing that maybe it wouldn't work out. I talked to both his mother and father, and they said that I could stay up in Washington if I wished to do so.

I've never been on a plane, and I think my mom finds a comfort in the fact that with him here she can check up on us and make sure he isn't a creep. That's why Matt will come towards the beginning of the summer, and I'll go there towards the end.

I asked my mom last night if I could, begging her. The conversation, after I asked her, was as follows:

mom: we'll see and we'll discuss
me: not we'll see, yes :(
mom: we'll see and we'll discuss.
me: but we'll see means no!
mom: no, it means probably.
mom: it means he'll come up here and if everything works out then I'll talk to his mom and we'll discuss it

...that means "yes" in technical terms.

*big grin* now I can play with his puppies!