August 19th, 2006


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I realize now that I didn't really elaborate on his trip here.

On June 21st, I woke up at 3:30 AM. I had gotten very little sleep. I was up until 11 cleaning my room, and once I finally got into bed I couldn't sleep. I was exhausted - I had gotten up early that morning figuring that if I was extremely tired I would fall asleep right away. I was wrong. I tossed and turned in bed for another hour or so. I was thinking "he'll take one look at me, and hate me". I couldn't convince myself otherwise. We've been talking for four years, and dating for over 3 of them. The thought of meeting him was scary. I was terrified.

His plane was to get there at 6:20 or so. I got dressed, put on probably too much makeup, and was practically shaking. By 4:45 we were in the car on the way to the airport. If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with Jack's Mannequin. I listened to them in the car, but not because I love them. The song "bruised" was my main reason for listening to them. The first part of the song goes "I've got my things, I'm good to go/you met me at the terminal/just one more plane ride and it's done/we stood like statues at the gate/vacation's come and gone too late/there's so much sun where I'm from/I had to give it away, had to give you away"

So after that I was shaking even more. Part of me didn't want to reach the airport. If we reached the airport, I would meet him. AH! We got the airport at 5:30, but it took us a good 20 minutes to find the correct terminal. My mom forced food down my throat, and I could hardly eat. I waited at the gate. My mom told me to walk up to the front alone, and I refused. People started coming out. I was panicking. I knew what Matt was wearing, so I watched. He was slow coming off the plane, which made me even more nervous. Oh gosh.

Matt came out and didn't see us, so he kept walking. My mom got his attention and I wanted to faint. We kind of looked at each other and said hi. I was SHAKING. My body was physically convulsing. I crossed my arms and held them tight. We walked next to each other, behind my mom, up to the baggage part. I don't remember our conversation, but I remember even though I was still shaking, I calmed down a tiny bit. He finally got his bags, and Matt and I kept walking. At one point, he saw how bad I was shaking. He put his bags on the ground, and hugged me tight. I'll never forget that hug. I finally realized everything was alright.

We got to the parking lot, and went through a "maze" to our car. I wasn't shaking anymore, which was definitely a plus. He gave me gum - it was juicy fruit. We held hands in the car, and at one point he mouthed "I love you" to me. We stared at eachother, constantly mouthing "I love you" and "I love you so much". He took out his phone and typed that my kiss was coming, but not in the car with my mom. Understandable.

We stopped at starbucks. Matt got his coffee, and I got my water.

I only live down the street from the coffee shop, so we were home really soon. Matt came upstairs (of the apartment) and into my home. He met my kitten, Murphy, who instantly loved him. My mom was cooking breakfast, so I brought Matt into my room. I showed him around a little. He wrote on my whiteboard. He looked at me, and he kissed me. We were getting so kissy in my room, making up for all the kisses we've missed. It was incredible. I've never felt more loved in my life.

We really didn't eat too much breakfast, we were too busy just hanging out. We took a nap together, and it was amazing.

The first week or so was definitely weird. I had a constant stomach ache because I was so freaking nervous. It was an awful feeling. At the same time? I was so happy. My baby was here.

We had an incredible time together. On our anniversary (3 years 3 months) we saw fireworks (isn't having an anniversary on the fourth of July awesome? haha). It was so sweet. We laid down together and watched the beautiful sky. We went to my cousin's wedding which was beautiful. We danced, and I remember looking into his eyes grinning. We went on a date to see the lake house, and we went out to eat. We had so many amazing dates. It was SO much fun.

I can't wait until the end of next May! He'll be back for my senior prom (June 5th) and then I'll be off to Washington soon after! I've never been on a plane before, and it's an awesome feeling knowing the first time I do, I'll be on my way to see my darling and to meet his family. I'm already so excited!

To those of you who have seen your SOs this summer, tell us how it went! I want to hear your stories :)