August 13th, 2006



In order to revamp this community, I plan on redoing the layout and whatnot. Jill, I also plan on changing the userinfo where our contact info is. If you have a different picture you'd like me to use please comment with it or IM me. Also if there is a change in your contact info please let me know!

Here is where all our lovely members come in. This weeks QOTW?

QOTW: SUGGEST ANY CHANGE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN THE COMMUNITY. This is open ended for a reason - You can suggest rules, create promotion banners, suggest themes for a layout, create community icons, SUGGEST QOTWs!!!!!!!! (...not that I really need suggestions or anything *blush*, suggest new survey questions for new members. SUGGEST ANYTHING YOU WANT THAT WOULD BE BENEFICIAL TO THE COMMUNITY.

I know a lot of you will ignore this QOTW, but PLEASE take it seriously. It's my job to make this community appealing to all of YOU.

And yes, there IS a CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK as well!

CHALLENGE: Post promotional banners anywhere and everywhere (and provide a link, please?) - I don't care if it's in your personal journal or userinfo, in a comment to a friend, or in another community. Our ONLINE LOVE family is FANTASTIC, but there is MUCH more to come as we grow!

I'll be working on new promo banners, so make sure you guys get rolling as well!