July 26th, 2006


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He's gone :(

We went to the airport today at 3:30 in the afternoon. We had an hour before he had to go through security and about two hours before he had to board the plane. We ate an awful lunch, smiled at each other, and hugged each other tighter than ever before. I kissed him hard - it was the first time my mother saw us kiss so deeply. He went through security, and I burst into tears. My mom hugged me tight and said "Just remember that quote, don't be cry because it's over, smile because it happened"

I cried, though, and watched him get checked through security. It was hard to bare the pain I felt being able to see him but not being able to touch him and knowing that we wouldn't be able to touch for another year or so. Once he got through security, my mom got a call on her cellphone. It was Matt - calling from 100 feet away. His voice comforted me so much. I stopped crying and felt happy again. He told me he was trying not to cry. It was so hard.

He wrote me a letter, and I wrote him one too. The deal was not to read them until he was on the plane. My mom told me not to read it in the car with her because she said if it made me cry, she'd start crying too.

I can only look forward to next May when Matt is here for my senior prom, and that summer when I take my first plane ride to Washington.

This trip has been the most amazing I've ever had, and I didn't go anywhere. Guys, feel lucky. We may have met our SOs in a place that many people disaprove of, but we get to know them from the inside out before meeting them. We know their personalities and nearly everything about them. We're very lucky to be in this sort of relationship even though at times it doesn't seem fair at all. Matt and I met. Matt and I are perfect for each other.

I am very much in love.

Good luck to all of you who are with your SOs this summer