July 20th, 2006


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So.  Me and my SO (I'd rather not give out his name right now.) know that we want to meet someday.  We're definitely not setting dates or anything yet, because we're only 16.  But we know that we're very much in love, and it would be awesome to meet.  I just have a question.  Any replies would be much appreciated.  :)  

He and I can't really set a time to talk each day, because we both have things to do, y'know?  And I know that if I don't talk to him one day, I'll talk to him soon enough.  But I feel helpless a lot of the time, not knowing when he'll be on next.  Is this irrational and selfish?  Does anyone else feel this way?  And does anyone else feel drawn to the computer a lot just to check and see if their SO is online?  These are just some problems I've been having, but I know that I love him so so much, and that we'll talk soon enough.  I need to cut back on the amount of time that I spend on the computer, too.  Mom is bugging me about it.  I was just curious if anyone had any ideas about what I could do to ease these tensions?  Maybe just find ways to keep myself occupied?  

- Livia
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Me and Sawsi broke up and so far we havent spoken since shes always offline. if she she didnt dump me like she first said then I dumped her on LJ i'm actaully confused who dumped who but I supose that doesnt really matter...

I hope I get a chance to say goodbye before she leaves.

It just wasnt meant to be be I guess.

She's happy she's leaving since she hates it in Canada but I did expect her to be sad about it as well because we wont be able to talk much...but she never said anything about that on her LJ.

I hate to admit but I'm scared.

I'm scared to move on even though I know I must.

She will always hold a specail place in my heart.

well I havent got anything else to say.