July 18th, 2006

everything will be okay

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well yes I'm still alive I'm sorry I didnt come back here to update or comment I've just been busy with some stuff and I only had enough time of my days to update my LJ which I haev to do everyday otherwise Sawsi worrys and talk to her online.

well first off I'm happy for all of you who have met your onlines if you had and I forgotten this username of a person on here but if your the one whoses engaged congratyoulations (sp?) I hope all goes well for all of you.

Wel my realionship might not last so I dont know if I should leave or not.

Well you see I thought Sawsi dumped me since she put down on her LJ that we broke up and she was telling me she wanted me to move on and stuff like that.

and on my LJ she said she never dumped me and i'm sure I never dumped her.

So I'm confused.

I have told her though I want to see if our realionship still goes well after she's moved I'm waiting for her reply on that...

Yes she's moving even MORE far away from me now she's moving to Asia I think. -_- to live with her dad and he's only going to get it a few times for her beacuse its really enspenive (sp?) there...mind you on her LJ I think she said she's moving to the US. -_-

I mean god we probably wont last we might only be able to talk 1 or 2 times in a mouth!!!

It was gonna be our annvery on the 23rd to...

She still loves me and I the same for her.

damn it why is life so unfair?

I dont want anyone else she's the only one for me...

I think I'm gonna cry tonight Sawsi didnt want me to cry last night so I was holding them back but maybe I can just let it all out tonight and she wont have to know...
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