May 28th, 2006

Just stay where I can see you - DOUSE THE LIGHTS!

So without either of us realizing...

Last night was Chris and mine's 17th month of being together. Holyshit. (And yes that's one word! ;))

It's been amazing, all the insanity that's gone on. Right when we get plans for him to come down in June, and July, for my birthday... his step mother has an attack of "blaming my husband-type's son because my kid doesn't do well". The result?

Chris' father tells him that he now has to go back to school, or he has to move out.

Chris is going to be attending tech school for the next four quarters.

He's been busy as hell, hardly calling, but then rough things keep scraping at us and everything. We managed to talk yesterday, and that's when I realized what day it was. It was pretty funny.

Me: Hey, it's our anniversary!
Chris: ... No it's not.
Me: Dude, yes it is. It's the 27th.
Chris: Yeaaah, but we got together in September.
Me: >_> Dude, no, it was December.
Chris: Then what are you talking about? That's not - oh. Goootcha. You're talking about months.
Me: Yeah.
Chris: That's not an anniversary.
Me: Happy month-i... versary.
Chris: ...
Me: ^_^
Chris: ... dork. :P

I love that man. ^^

Note: I won't be leaving, btw. I do have some friends in this community, and I figure it's just easier to ignore things and not comment on them if it's not worth the time / obvious drama.

Haven't posted here in awhile

Sorry I haven't been posting here. There's no excuse, really. Cliff and I have been having a blast since he got back. And an even bigger blast since I'm officially out of school! I got out on the 19th because I didnt have any finals to take during the week of the 22nd. So yeah, I am FREE!!! No more school any more. Well, there might be if i decide to go to college sometime while I'm in Minnesota........

Minnesota!!!!!! We've made plans for me to leave JULY 24. Because I have a doctor's appointment on the 19th. My ob/gyn....ewww. I'm actually nervous about it and I've asked my mom not to come in to the room with me, so yeah even more nerve racking. Wousers. But thats why. And once I am in MN with him, he said he'd show me "Minnesota in the summer time" since I've only experienced "Minnesota in the winter time". And we'll both be staying with his sister, just like we were in the winter time. Which I think is kick ass. AND!!! I'll be working at the casino with his sister on the slots making about $14 and hour. HOLY! I'm very excited. And I cant wait to leave El Paso. Time for this pink hair girlie to leave. 

I'm making dinner tonight. I have been every night almost. I like doing that, wish I could have done it more earlier. Well thats about it for now. And I want to share that my mom is absolutely not giving me the words of encouragment that I need to hear. She is pushing me away, and she doesnt even know it. My best friend told me the same thing. She said "you know, your mom tells you those things but she doesnt realize that with those words she is just pushing you more and more to leave. Anytime anyone tells you not to do something and tries to keep you from doing it, its just pushing you to do it more." And my best friend is soooo right. It's true. I've done everything to tell my mom to "back off" but it never works. All i get from her is sarcastic remarks. But then again, she is a mom and is only trying to look after me. I totally understand the mom thing. But i wish she would just LET ME DO WHATEVER I WANT WITH MY LIFE. Because let's face it, IT IS MY LIFE. 

Wow. That was a total rant. That end part. But I feel much better. =D Hehe.

*~*Cliff and Joanna Always n' Forever*~*
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