May 27th, 2006


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I posted this in my own journal, but I thought it would be nice to share here, to relate, and to give hope. :)

You know, I know its hard to believe, because its always been hard for me to realy believe someone, especialy at my age to say that they truly love someone.

But, I do, I truly love Christian Xavier Heim.

I thought I did a few months ago, and then until recently a month ago, I just had this overwhelming feeling building up whenever I was near him. He wasnt even doing anything different than usual. It wont stop. And you know I live with him and am around him ALL the time. Its sooo amazing. To love is to live.


Im amazed.

I never realy thought Id find it until later in my life.

Tonight I was just watching some crim show, and all of a sudden I thought...'someday our time together will be done.' its such a terrible feeling and just realy broke my heart, but made me feel good in the same way, the fact that I can actualy know that its a reality.

I also realy miss all my friends in Portland that I have to neglect because I live here...I want so bad to be back.