May 26th, 2006


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Let's break away from the drama for a while, because I want all of you guys to stay here and be happy and write about your SOs and blah-de-blah, because you've all been beneficial to me and I enjoy your stories and would miss you guys if you left.

So on a positive note...

It is about 99% sure that my boyfriend will be coming here this summer, for about a month or so. As far as I know, tickets haven't been purchased yet but I know his dad was looking for tickets the other night so there is a good chance they will be in his possession quite soon :D! Not only that, but his parents are awesome. Matty's birthday is June 11th, and he is coming down June 24th (or around June 24th) so they decided to buy him tickets here for his birthday. The price of a plane ticket, round trip, is anywhere from $300-$600 generally speaking, and Matt and I would have a hard time affording that when he doesn't have a job and I only work nine hours a week.

He'll be staying until July 29th or 30th, which is less long than we originally planned but still long enough to do things and get to know each other offline. July 3rd there's a celebration in the center of town where my GSA has a booth to sell things (so I have to put him to work, oops) and same thing the fourth. On the fourth we also plan on seeing The Lake House, possibly going out to lunch, and then going to see fireworks at night. It'll be our 3 year 3 month anniversary. July 8th is my cousin's wedding, so not only will I be mortified wearing a skirt around him, I will introduce him to my family and possibly dance with him. July 28th we're going to a concert together (with amazing seats, might I add)

It's going to be absolutely AMAZING.

P.S. for those of you with digital cable/satelite, I recommend you and your SO watch the lifetime movie network tomorrow at 4:25 (EST) together on the phone. They're playing Shattered Hearts, which is absolutely incredible. It's the most romantic, sweet, and sad movie you'll ever see I swear. I watched it on the phone with my baby the last time they aired it, and we already planned a phone date for tomorrow to watch it again :-p