May 25th, 2006

Continuing the Angsty Streak...

Nick and I won't be able to talk for three months.

He's moving back to England, and won't have connection.

But judging by the reactions to most of the comments on my last post, I'm wondering if any of you even care.

I might as well quit this community.
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MOD Post.

I feel this is necessary to say because of recent rude comments. Guys, this community is put here in order to share your stories, compare stories, ask questions, get advice, and show off your relationship. Sometimes these will include questionable subject matter, but before posting something that you think could be considered rude, please contact Jill or myself and ask how appropriate the comment is. It's not fair to someone looking for honest to god advice if you're rude and disrespectful. I understand your viewpoints deeply, and agree with them from the bottom of my heart, but is it really necessary to trash someone else? It's bothersome to me because I see some people attacking this person based upon the fact that they "attack" other people. Is that fair, especially when this person is not in the community to defend himself? I'm perfectly fine with you expressing your opinions because that's what this community is here for, but it would be more beneficial if you gave advice rather than attacking a community member and her SO. Wouldn't you be upset and confused if you learned something you disagreed with about your SO? I'd be devastated, and I'd want honest advice as well.

If you have any problems with what I'm saying, previous posts, or anything - CONTACT THE MODS! That is what we are here for. This community has been drama free from the beginning and I, personally, want it to remain this way.

Help Please

Hello everyone, I have a quick question... my boyfriend Tim has not been feeling good at all this week, and I finally talked him into going to the hospital tonight, and they admitted him because his blood pressure was extremely high amongst a few other things, he has had three heart attacks in the past so I am very worried right now, I have the phone number and address to the hospital, he is really scared right now and wishes I were with him, and believe me I wish I was there with him just as bad as he wants me there ! But my question is, I would like to send him some flowers but I dont have a credit card or debit card, I am in Michigan and he is in Florida, is there any way I can do this without a credit card or debit card ? Thanks so much !