May 19th, 2006


I haven't spoken to Nick at all today, yesterday, or the day before. Which kind of sucks, but I did get a nice suprise in my LJ last night.

I basically had a bitchfest involving Nazism (you all can go read it if you'd like), and it was cute because he posted in there saying "Seig Heil Sweetheart, I love you!"

I thought it was awesome because I didn't even think he read my LJ, and he NEVER comments on it unless I practically beg him.

So I realised that while he may not be showering me with jewelry or champagne or whatnot, it's the little things he does that makes him so wonderful.

He told me: "If we die, I die. I don't give up, especially on things like this. I love you, and that's never gonna change."
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And We All Fall Down....

Nick's having a breakdown because I was scared. It's all my fault. I told about what he was saying.

I'm so scared, and it's all my fault.

I want to die, and I ruined his life. His life is fucked and it's all because of me.

Just because he has some strange views on things...I had to open my fucking mouth and now I'm afraid I've lost him.

He said he'd contact me when it's safe, and that he loves me. And not to be scared for him. I'll fight for him, I'll lie for him. I'll do whatever it takes to protect him.

I'm so fucking scared right now because I know I could get in for the same thing...
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