May 16th, 2006


*drinks coffee*

Trying to stay awake, and hating my therapist because she, god forbid, makes me THINK.

She turns to me, glasses perched on her nose.

"Sarah, does this relationship with Nick require alot of energy?"

Me: *shifts uncomfortably and lies through teeth* No....

Her: "Well, you seem to be drained. Is he needy?"

Me: Not really...I mean, kind of...but so am I...

Her: So he leans on you alot then? For emotional support?

Me: Kind...of...*wants to bury self alive for even thinking blasphemous thoughts such as these*

Her: Do you tend to initate all of the conversations? Or will he email you if you don't email him first.

Me: *gets sucked into cult* Oh my God yes! Like, it's so annoying because I feel like I'm the one doing alot of the work. I mean, I know he loves me and wants me and blah blah blah, it's just sometimes I wish he'd start things. *realises what she's saying* NO! STOP IT! *covers ears* I shouldn't be saying things like this....

Her: .....Sarah, are you afraid of upsetting him?

Me: *quiet voice* ....yes.

I hate therapy.
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