May 13th, 2006

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Chris is going to be here, June 9 through 12, provided I get the 500 something bucks to get him here (which I'm not too worried about).

The thing is, though: what all things should we do together? Being somewhat... one tracked and innuendo-y in my thinking, I can mostly think only of cuddling and copulation. Possibly movies to watch.

If it helps any, I go to Michigan State? Any suggestions? o_x;

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Urg...Trae hasn't been on all day today.

Also, yesterday we only talked for a few short moments (I had to go...) The day before that he wasn't on at all, again.

I'm deprived from my baby ;.;

He hasn't been on cause...I think he's being grounded...or something...I'm not sure D: do you guys deal with not being able to talk to your SO for long periods of time?

p.s. Now we have no time whatsoever to make plans for this summer...

Guess that means no meeting, either. x.x;
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