May 2nd, 2006

It's official...

I told him today that i have made up my mind, and there wont be any second chances for him to get me back.
I was honest with him. I told him i thought about it, but i couldnt get over the fact that he tried to bind me into the relationship, accused me of not caring about him, not respecting him, not seeing things from his point of view, trying to get back at me. I'm not saying its all his fault because i did do things but i would never try to lock him into the relationship and try to figure out why the others failed including this one. Even after i told him, the first thing he said was that he is 80% sure that i dont really care about him or care about this situation at all. I know he might cry and i dont want him to, but what can i do? I couldnt take it anymore. All the fighting, the finger pointing, putting me down. I really couldnt take it. So...its over