May 1st, 2006

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Oooh wow. Things just took a big big step from "Something we HAVE to do" to "something we ARE going to do"
As times goes forward, things becomes more concrete. It's exciting but I'm also very nervous. The pressure I have about passing my school year is going to become unbearable, I'll hate myself forever if I fail.

Tickets are bought, everything is planned out, our parents are fine with it. I even talked with his mom last night, she was really nice, I just hope she didn't hate me.
I paid 1/3 of the plane tickets, mom paid the rest and Bran's mom will pay all my food expenses and everything so I'm so happy that they both are so involved in this, I really feel loved and understood. x3

School now, I promise I'll work! I'm staying after so I can...Erh...Work more. @_@


Why is it that my ex popped up and why now when i just broke up with my bf? This is so bad, hopefully i have some pretty good self control because honestly...
i would probably be up for anything right now that my ex suggested

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I just realized I haven't updated in, well, days... There isn't much to update about. Trae and I's relationship is as strong as ever.

Though, I must admit, I am feeling very depressed lately.

You see...our relationship started out great. No, perfect. I was happy, nice, funny, cute, and everything else good. This was 8 months ago, of course. But...since then, I have been becoming depressed more often, moody all the time, and I'm quick to get angry at him.

He's also mentioned this a few times, but I know he still loves me (obviously). I really don't think I deserve him. He is so amazing. Even after all my moodiness/depression/etc. he always stays there for me.

^_^; Yay for my boy.

I really hope he knows, though, that I really do love him. Even when I get mad at him, or whatever else, I love him. More than anything in the world.

P.S. On a lighter note, I'm going to try and get him to join this community.
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