April 26th, 2006

Older feelings resurfacing? or just a rebound?

Me and my ex-significant other are now officially friends and so far that has been a very rocky road. His best friend has somewhat interferred but not in the bad way. See, he knows how his friend can be and so he knows that the things i complain about are things that he has been through or seen. Another element is that i once dated his best friend for a very short time but we found it best to be friends. We had a little falling out but we're ok now. We completely defy the sagittarius/virgo hatred thing. i really respect him. But talking to him made me question whether i ever stopped liking him
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Yeah, so I broke up with my SO officially last night after two years. We decided it was for the best, and it may not even be permanent. Just that we have a lot of issues with our lives to work out and that we should work on them alone.
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