April 25th, 2006

Bow to your king!

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Blargh, its been three days since Ive talk to John on the phone.

It makes me sad ;-;.

He promised me we'd talk tonight, but his cousins came over, and a chick thats had a crush on him for like, ever.
He had a one night stand with her, and I know thats all thatll ever come of it, but still.

Ah well, Ill just use this as an escuse to stay on the phone with him all day tommorow :D.

On another note, I thought I had all day tommorow to work on my history/eco (Im on home tutoring till next monday) But my tutor decided shes coming tommorow.

All I have done for her is, er, NOTHING T-T.

I almost have an essay done, but Im stuck on the LAST DAMN SENTANCE before the conclusion. ugh ~_~.

Anyone know a similarity of a Market and a Command economy?

Halp plx ;-;.
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We've decided to just be friends

I'm not sure how many of you all read my post that had to do with the fight me and my SO had over the weekend. Well, its now Tuesday and things arent any better, probably at its worse. So we decided we were better off as friends.
Yeah, it kinda hurts, and will for awhile. But its for the best

<3 Tifa