April 23rd, 2006


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62 more days.

We had a hard night last night. We were arguing quite a bit and I cried over and over and over again. This boy's amazing though, I get panic attacks and whatnot and the past two I've had... he made it go away. I know that's vague and sounds dumb, but he talks me through them (or holds my hand through it, as he says) and somehow makes it go away. I don't understand because no one has ever made them go away. He counts to three and breathes in deeply and has me breathe with him.

I love this boy.

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Just updating to say Trae and I talked about it [look at my last entry on here if you don't know what I'm talking about...], kinda briefly. He said he was sorry, and should've realized how jealous I get, and said he would never do something like that again..... I felt kinda guilty after that, since it really wasn't such a big deal, and I knew he didn't mean it.

Ah well. After that he called me and we talked for an hour. <3 He was all nice...even though the phone conversations are still pretty awkward between us most of the time. I'm REALLLLLY bad at talking on the phone. I get nervous and whatnot. ]: I'm getting a little better though!

He asked me why I had such low self esteem, too...and I didn't really have an answer. I just said "I dunno...Cause I'm horrible." And then he said I was wonderful in every way. *happy glowy feeling*


So yeah, everything's all good now. Yay!
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Research project

Hey everyone,

First of all, before I begin, I would like to apologize for intruding on your group. I myself have not dated online and thus do not belong in your group. I am a journalism student at the University of Notre Dame and I am working on a long-term research project about the world of online dating. For those who have not partaken in the movement, it is something very foreign. I seek to shed light on online dating and give those who have had success in such endeavors a proper voice in my piece.

So, to get to the real reason why I am posting in this group - I would love to get the thoughts and opinions of those of you who have found success dating online. If you would like to be a part of my project, I would simply e-mail you a list of questions. If I have any follow-ups I will send you those as well. I could also withhold your name if anonymnity is something you desire.

Again, I apologize for my intrusion on the group. My objective here is to get a voice from those involved for my story, as I think it would be highly beneficial.

If you would like to help me out - or have something to say about online dating - could you please reply to this post with your email address or email me directly at kperry5@nd.edu? I'd like to conduct the e-mail interviews something this week.

Thanks in advance. Hopefully I will hear from some of you shortly!


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All afternoon, my SO has been driving me crazy! Actually, its been all weekend. For some reason everything i do leaves room for insults from him and he of all people knows that i am sensitive about things. Right now i am nearly in tears and he's mad at me because i'm upset. So many things are happening and i dont know how much more i can take.

For starters, his ex fiancee pops up all of a sudden after she completely ignores him for months and months and months and now she wants to be all friendly with him again.

The girl thats in love with him is still very in love with him

He keeps teasing me about things (the way i sound, saying 'like' a bunch of times, stupid things i have said by accident, etc.)

We keep constantly fighting

I really dont know what to do anymore

I think its over

He won't understand that i cant talk to him right now. He thinks i am trying to run the relationship to how i want it and talk when i want but thats not it. He has made everything one sided and he said if i cant talk about it now dont even bother calling or anything until i can grow up and try everything again and accept that a relationship is a two sided thing and not one sided and something that is my rules or else. Thats not what i think. He knows this. I dont do well when it comes to arguments and fights and especially people, not yelling, but something close. I break apart and i will just fold and of course they will get all of their points across and i wont get a word in, i will be left to feel extremely stupid and naive. Oh well. Maybe it was my fault