April 19th, 2006

Something Beautiful

This is what Nick said to me yesterday:

"You're everything. The face of the stars, the face of the Guardian Spirit. You're charming, logical, beautiful and intelligent. You have a glow to you that just lights up a room.

And, oh, I'm going to keep you forever."

Completely made my day.
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Maybe someone can help me with this one

I love my b/f and everything but lately it seems things are going terribly wrong. There's this girl that he works with, really nice and all, but she wanted to be friends with him and being the nice guy that he is, he agreed. So they hang out sometimes and everything but now she tells me that she is falling more and more in love with him everyday and that when he is upset or we fight she cries. That bothers me like crazy and i still cant stop thinking about it. She says she doesnt want us to break up but it hurts her to see us together and it doesnt help her depression much. He assures me that he loves me and me only but he doesnt know what to do about this situation. He wants her to back off but neither of us knows how to tell her. Another thing is, i tried to be friends with her but she said it bothered her that i said she wasnt much of a threat as far as my relationship with my bf. I really dont know what to do, and with this recent fight me and my boyfriend had, its not making anything better. What should i do?

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1: Write a poem for your SO or a love interest and share it with us. If you wish to, explain the significance of the poem.

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Obviously, you can see I'm no poet. BUT! Basically, this is just saying that I love my baby Trae and I want to meet him ASAP ^_^

2: Post lyrics to any song that describes your relationship. Explain how it relates.

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3: Post a list of 10+ romantic ideas suitable for someone in a long-distance/online relationship
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And that's all I got O:



Death Cab for Cutie
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I actually can't pick one song that I feel describes my relationship with Mikey. I find a way that almost every song I hear sounds like my feelings for him or part of our relationship. I post them often in my personal lj. I chose this song to post here for the obvious reason...it relates more to the distance. This is also the song I posted in my lj for our 4 month anniversary.

QOTW #2 fom him


Good Charlotte
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This song will always be important to us because it was lyrics from this song that Mikey had in his siggy on a message board that caused me to make contact with him for the first time. So in a way this song brought us together. I think every part of this song describes some part of the challenges he and I have been through. He often reminds me that he still loves this song. It's one of the few GC songs I like but they used to be his fav...lol

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Oh em gee.
Oh em gee.
Oh em gee.
Oh em gee.
Oh em gee.

I am so happy and giddy and omigosh! Right now!

The reason is...

Well, firstly, (before I get ahead of myself), Trae had to get offline so he called me. Mind you, we have only talked about 3 times on the phone before. So, of course, I'm unbelievably nervous/shy/stupid/quiet. But that doesn't matter at the moment :3.... I DO feel a bit guilty, though, because I bluntly refused to sing to him (I can't sing at ALL and I'm very embarrassed over my voice), even after he sang to me x_x;...(haha go Sesame Street song)!

The real reason I'm happy, though? I actually told him I loved him. Twice. Outloud. After he said "I love you" to me first, but... I've just... never told anyone I loved them, at least not outloud.

I know it seems lame and all, but I can't help but be happy about it ^_^

<3 God I love that boy.
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When forever is a scary thing...

Just before me and my boyfriend almost broke up, he said to me that he loves me so much and that after me he doesnt want anyone else. He said he wants to be with me forever, have a family with me and be happy with me only. He doesnt see that happening with anybody else.
The problem is...
It scared the hell out of me.
Is forever really that scary?

I don't know what to think of this...

Ok, so you all have heard me talk about how Mikey and I both have neopets accounts... Well, I sent him an invite to join my guild a while back and he did. He never posts or participates in guilds tho so yeah. Well, early this morning while I was sleeping he posted in the guild. Now whenever you post in the message boards on Neopets you can have a siggy that shows up at the bottom. As most of you know that have now read my post about the GC song, it was his siggy that first drew me to him. But in the guild this morning his siggy said this...

"Love is... Just another four letter word used to control the emotions of those that care"

I'm so confused right now cause that's pretty negative in my opinion. Everything has been going great with us lately so I don't know why he would have something so negative on there about love. He even has all over his user profile that he loves me and such. I probably won't be able to talk to him for a couple more hours and finding something like this when I can't ask him about it is making me sick...
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