April 16th, 2006

everything will be okay

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Question 1 of the week
a poem huh? well ok then this is called 'I wish'
I wish
I could make all the pain you've gotten over the years
Go away
I wish
I could make all your fears
Go away  

I wish
I could see your face in real life
I wish
I could hear your voice….

I wish
I could give you a real hug
I wish
I could give you a real kiss
And share my first kiss with you…

I wish
I could find the words that can tell you how much you really mean to me
But that's just Somethin' I've learned that I'll never
Be able to do
Because you mean more to me then words could possible say....
what did ya think? you likely?
Bow to your king!

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So when I joined the comunity I was on a trip to Ireland. Now Im back home and its just been...


My grandma "cleaned" my room, which involved taking my pillows off my bed and putting them in a laundry basket, and breaking my microphone.

Guys choose the wrong times to be out too. D:
I called Johns house, and his mom picked up and I can barely understand a word she says.

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