April 13th, 2006

My Mikye's List

Mikey said he wanted to make me a list too once he saw mine but I didn't think he was really gonna do it! Then I find out that he did it like 2 days ago and posted it on his lj so I didn't see it until today (I've been a bit lazy about checking lj's) And he put his song as Ludacris - Fantasy even tho he doesn't even like that type of music, just cause I sent it to him and told him I think about him when I hear it...lol. Anyways it's a long list so here goes...

My Amazing Mikey's List of Why He Loves Me!Collapse )

Almost time!!!

So...Cliff is on his way down here already!!! He left sometime like at 4-5 this morning. Yippie!!! =D I'm so very excited. This means he'll be here sometime early tomorrow morning. YES!!!
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MOD post

Hey guys!!

I just wanted to congradulate all of you meeting your SO this summer, and seeing as so many of us are (myself included), I was just curious if those of you who are could comment (and if you have a date planned, post the date) just to see exactly how many of us there are!

Also, I want to thank all of you for making this in a matter of months the most wonderful online love community on livejournal. I think we're the most active, and you're all so wonderfully sweet. I'm so proud to have been here from the beginning. I love this communityyy <33

Lastly, the next time I see the other amazing mod online [Jill] I shall be discussing future questions of the week. Those things were amazing when I actually... you know... updated them. So if you have any suggestions comment with them :-p And Jill? IM me if you see me online :)