February 28th, 2006


things just keep getting better :)

After an insanely difficult week with my boyfriend, things are finally looking bright. On the way home from the mall with my mom, we started discussing summer plans. She told me she'd take a week off from work to drive Matt and I around, so I asked if he can only stay a week. She told me no of course not, but that's as long as she can take off. We got to discussing dates, so I asked if June 24th was alright and she said we could make arrangements so it will be. How perfect! I kept pressuring her about how long he could stay, because he and I had been discussing August 12th but I wasn't sure if she'd agree to such a long time. I kept pressuring her while she said she didn't care until she said that if he wants, he can spend the entire summer with me!!!! We planned it out a little; she wants to take him to Concord to the revolutionary war sites (boring to me,but maybe not to him?) as well as to Salem (I want to go there too) and Cape Cod (another idea of mine.) I suggested Boston, which is sort of a given. She said how he can take her bed and she'll sleep on the couch and whatnot, which is beyond sweet of her.

I never thought this would actually happen...