February 23rd, 2006

|Point man+JGL|

If God has a master plan....then only he understands...

-sigh- so........Alex's internet has been cut off, so we've been calling eachother, which is all fine and good. I don't know. I just wish I could be with him. We're talking about being together, but I don't see myself moving away, nor do I see him moving here. So it's sort of a stand still. He has yet to meet my parents. Is this all worth it? I'm sorry, y'all. I just came here for fuzzy hugs, because I know you all know what I feel.

Also? I have to share what he got me for valentine's day

Precious and fagile things....need special handling...my god what have we done to you?Collapse )

I got him Three books. :p Two Terry Prachett books, and one on russian history, since he's a history buff. I also got him axe bodywash, since that's his favorite scent (I kept dabbing some of it on my wrist and clothes, though, because it always reminds me of him, and when we'd be together). Oh, and I drew him a picture with crayons, of all purple flowers (purple is his favorite color). He loved it, and it made me so happy that he did. :) He called me the day after valentine's day (since I sent out his package on monday) saying how much he loved it (oh, and the bodywash had leaked....but the books were okay). :)
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