February 15th, 2006

[and i am of course yours <3]


Ok so i am have been staring at this blank page all morning, wanting to write something, wanting to ask for advice, but not knowing what to say.
I have known my man for 2 months - today actually :P - and when we met, he was in Iraq. He is now back home and had been a bit distant, but i understood and knew that he was busy with work and catching up with friends and family that he hasn't seen for 2 years...
I got an email from him yesterday saying he wasn't doing so good and told me a few things. He said that he wanted me to know why he has been MIA for a while.
I literally cried when i got the first email, it is just so hard being so far away from someone you care so much about.
Today i got another email, with more details on what is going on with him... i feel so helpless and so worried.
I sent him some e-cards that will arrive to him over the next couple of days, hopefully they will make him smile, and i also emailed him my favourite song, so hopefully he can listen to it and think of me.
The hard thing is just knowing what to say to him and help him through this really hard time. I just don't know what to reply to his email, i cannot seem to find any words that i think will help...
But then i don't know what he needs to help him???

I don't have a postal address for him, i have asked, but he hasn't given it to me. I know his parents are in the process of moving house and with everything on his mind, i don't want to push him to give it to me. It just would be nice to send him stuff you know...

I don't know, i am just worried and don't know what to do???
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