February 3rd, 2006


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Oh my gosh.

Yesterday I told my boyfriend I loved him while he was in the same room as his dad. I've done it before, knowing it was no big deal. He simply couldn't respond to me, but once his dad left he'd tell me he loved me too.

At least... that's how it used to happen...

But last night, when I told Matt I loved him when his dad was sitting there...

"I love you too"

Not only that but when I called his dad picked up..

Matt's dad: hello?
Me: hi? *having a hard time hearing the phone, it had been acting up previously and was pretty much all fuzz*
Matt's dad: *says something I couldn't hear*
Matt's dad: Sarah...?
Me: y...yes..?
Matt's dad: let me go get Matt for you
Me: thank you..

Then,I could hear Matt's dad getting Matt the phone.

Matt's dad: Maaaatty
Matt: what?
Matt's dad: Sarah's on the phone
Matt: oh she is?! *gets phone all happy-like*