January 19th, 2006


AIM convo with mom and Matty

Matt: Hey, sorry I took so long to message
Mom: Hi Matt. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I didn't see you hiding there.
Matt: I'm sneaky :-P
Matt: From what I understand, its not hard to miss a message on AOL
Mom: yes, you are! Now behave yourself.
Mom: It doesn't tell you that you have an IM on AOL if you have internet explorer open
Matt: thats lame :-P
Mom: So are you going to come and visit us?
Matt: actually yeah, I wanted to clear up what sarry said, as cute as it was :-P
Matt: PrincessSarri: mommy could matt come up possibly the end of senior year or something? cause we did talk about it ad stuff and we both decided that we werent sure about summer cause its wicked close and stuff so we decded him coming up for like prom or something would be cool

That lol
Mom: lol
Mom: We'd love to have you
Matt: we had talk a little about it before but we were both too shy to say anything outright.. i hinted at it with my mom and she said it would be ok with her (im 18 but i dont wanna make her think im just up and running off :-P)
Mom: You can tell your mom I'll take good care of you
Matt: when you mentioned it to her we talked about it and agreed that her senior prom would be a really nice time to visit
Matt: :-P
Mom: That would make her so happy
Matt: she knows that sarry has a really cool mom, i've told her a few things
Matt: it would make me happy too :-P
Mom: Then you are more than welcome to stay with us. We'd love to have you.
Matt: we'd like to also visit during summer but her and i dont want to put all our money into one visit and suddenly not be able to do the prom thing so for now the summer thing is just like... speculation i guess?
Mom: Just do what works best for you. The door here will always be open for you.
Matt: thank you very much =)
Mom: I think you're a sweetypie
Matt: out of curiosity how long could i stay in one visit?
Mom: And you're very welcome. You can stay for however long you want.
Matt: thank you very much :-P
Mom: You're welcome.
Matt: when my mom starts feeling better i need to do an aim-chat introduction between you two
Matt: :-P
Mom: It'll be nice to meet her
Matt: i've told her sarry has a really nice mom thus far
Mom: Sarah told me she really likes your mom as well
Mom: Hey, what do you mean by "thus far?"
Matt: lol
Mom: I'm always nice
Matt: i like saying thus far, it sounds pretty to me
Mom: Okay then, I'll let it slide this time