January 6th, 2006

Home Again :|

<P>Well I'm back home in Texas. Don't wanna be though, sorry. I absolutely LOVEd being in Minnesota with Cliff. It was the best ever. All the snow. WOW. And it snowed about 3 times while I was there. It was&nbsp;great. The flight there wasnt that bad. Only one very brief moment of turbulence. Once I got there, oh my goodness!!!!!!!! Cliff and I spent every moment together. We slept in the same bed which was awesome to wake up to each others face. Awesomeness!!!! I dont know how else to describe it. We went to Mall of America, snowmobiling, back and forth to Sandstone (his home) and Hinckley (Jenny's home). And yeah I met the infamous Marcus :| WE WONT GO THERE AT ALL. His cuzin is soo dang annoying. But all in all&nbsp; I had THE MOST FUN there. *big smile*</P>
<P>*****And just a MAJOR side note. Cliff and I went down to a river that is right by his house and walked along the trail to get to the river. It was cold and there was snow everywhere. It was melting thought and it was falling from the trees. Cliff had told me that he wanted to do something but he would get in trouble with my mom if he did. My mom said that I could NOT come back to El Paso engaged. Major bummer. But then he got on one knee and asked me "Joanna Marie Sapien, will you PROMISE to marry me?" PROMISE RING!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah baby. So he is gonna get me a promise ring.&nbsp; *huge smile* So now me and my baby are "Promise to be Fiances" I guess you could call it. =D *****</P>
<P>*~*Cliff and Joanna Always n' Forever*~*</P>
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