January 5th, 2006

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Hi! My name is August and I am the Editor-in-Chief of my college newspaper. We are looking to do a Love themed issue for February 9th, and I am in charge of putting together the doubletruck. I would like to do it based around online relationships.

So here is where you come in. I have made a small survey, and would greatly appreciate it if you would take it! I would prefer if you emailed it to me at com_eic@yahoo.com, but you can leave your answers in a comment here if that is easier for you.

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Thank you!
[and i am of course yours <3]

[new ♥]

Your name: Katie
Age: 23
Location: Australia
Your significant other's name: Mike
Their age: 25
Their location: currently Iraq, soon to be Hawaii
How long have you been together? we have know each other since 15th December, we both like each other and are not going to see other people, but i am not sure if we are "officially" together yet...
Have you met in person? Nope but plans are being made for April this year.
Are you in a long distance relationship at the moment? yeah i guess you could say that :)
Before you got involved in this relationship, what did you think of online love? I was open to it... my best friend from school married a guy she met on the net. I never thought i would find someone like Mike on the net though
Are you in love? If so, when do you think it happened? I really really like him :)
What are some of your hobbies? I like to read, go for walks, spend time with my friends and family, i like to shop, dance, listen to music - the usual
What are some of your significant other's hobbies? He is a gadgets man, oh and he loves his truck :P :P
What kinds of things do you both have in common/like to do together? We have the same dreams and goals of what we want out of life, we laugh together and share the same sense of humour! He is a big kid at heart and i love that about him...
Give a brief summary of how you met (if it's long, put it under an lj-cut): He added me on one of those 'friend' sites and i read his profile and just almost cried at what he wrote about his cousin who was killed in Iraq. I sent him a message and we have been speaking ever since... we emailed heaps and now we speak on the phone every day.

I am new at this whole online dating thing, so i guess i am joining this community to get some advice and to talk about certain things i am worried about etc. I know i haven't been speaking to Mike all that long, but i guess i want to see where things go and feel this could be the start of something special...
I hope to get to know some of you and learn more about how others deal with this situation...

K :) :)
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