December 19th, 2005


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Well I decided I may as well share a few conversations with you all. They're with me and my mom, my mom and Matt, and me and Matt.

Super cuteness <3

mom[4:12 P.M.]: Matt just showed me the necklace he got you.
XKonstantine777 [4:12 P.M.]: I know
mom[4:12 P.M.]: Did he show you too?
XKonstantine777 [4:12 P.M.]: no
mom[4:12 P.M.]: Be prepared to faint.

Matthew: Hey, do you want to see a pic of the necklace i sent sarry today? :-P
Mom: I would love to.
Mom: Aren't you a sweety
Matthew: I like to tell myself so anyways
Matthew: oh oh oh
Matthew: how is your day going?
Mom: ha ha
Mom: Pretty busy at work today. I usually am on Monday.
Matthew: -winter break- :-)
Matthew wants to directly connect.
Matthew: this is the clearest picture i could find online
Mom: Wow, that is beautiful!
Mom: Did you get one for me as well?
Matthew: it must have gotten lost in shipping :P
Mom: That really is very beautiful. She's going to love it.
Matthew: I actually do plan to get you something but i cant figure out what yet
Mom: Don't be silly.
Matthew: i was gonna be surprising and get you something without telling sarry but then i realized i dont know what you'd want yet :-P
Mom: You make Sarah smile, and that's all the gift I need.
Matthew: :-P
Matthew: I was thinking about making that your birthday present actually, that doesn't help with christmas
Mom: you're funny
Matthew: thanks :-)
Mom: You're off from school this week as well as next week?
Matthew: till jan. 3
Mom: Aren't you lucky?
Matthew: i <3 christmas (almost typed thanksgiving :/)
Mom: I love it too. I look forward to having the week off from work.
Matthew: It's so nice waking up on monday and being able to stay in bed
Mom: I agree with you there. I hope you have a nice few weeks off.
Matthew: Thank you very much
Mom: You're welcome.
Matthew: I'll let ya get back to your work though, have a good one :-)
Mom: Thank you, Matt. You have a good one as well. The necklace is beautiful and I know Sarah is going to love it.
Matthew: I hope sooooo
Matthew: It'll be there in 2 days
Mom: I know so.
Mom: We'll be keeping our eye out for it.
Matthew: kk :-)

XKonstantine777 [4:14 P.M.]: Mom[4:14 P.M.]: What a nice boy
Matt [4:15 P.M.]: Awwwww!
Matt [4:15 P.M.]: :-P

Matt [4:21 P.M.]: I just can't wait for you to have it and feel happiness from something that I've cared for and held and worn and selected
Matt [4:21 P.M.]: I wore it so it would be like an extension of myself, a part of myself that I'm sending for you to keep
Matt [4:15 P.M.]: I'm so glad your parents approve of me lol
XKonstantine777 [4:15 P.M.]: me too baby
Matt [4:16 P.M.]: and im glad mine approve of you
XKonstantine777 [4:16 P.M.]: I am too
XKonstantine777 [4:16 P.M.]: we're so lucky
Matt [4:19 P.M.]: We are :-P