December 17th, 2005

A Love's Lost Love

Okay, so my story isn't exactly one of an online love. But it links nearly directly to it.
This is a tale of happiness, sadness, and lonliness all from my small town of Paragould.

I met the most wonderful girl ever, 2 years ago. It was flirtatious for a few weeks and she left me for the summer. The next year we continued to be friends.

Nevermind...I just realized something.

She's in love with someone else, let her have that. She can love him. I care about her that much okay? I started to write this and I saw something that caused me to shatter inside even through the pain and hope. All I can do now is give up. It happens I suppose, to someone and if it has to be someone it might as well be me so she can be happy. I leave you now, tynshi; LeeAnn. I leave you knowing that you will be happy in the future, spoken for and all.

I will love you forever, that will not change. I suppose this is how it will be though. You're the most magical and mysterious thing. Everything happens for a reason. And it can start here. Have a happy future, that's all I ask. Goodbye LeeAnn.
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Dec. 28 will kick major buttage. lol

First I would love to say that my mom kicks major arse!!!

She bought me a round-trip ticket to....MINNESOTA!!! Heck yeah! Cliff is flying back to be there for Christmas and I get to be there with him on the 28th. My mom totally rocks. Wow. And I get to stay with him until January the 5th. New Year's!!!!!! WOW. This Christmas vacation is gunna rock hard. Cliff bought me some things today. (See list at the end) But yeah I get to go to Minnesota with him *does happy dance* Oh yeah. My mom rocks and YOU know it. LOL!!! Peace out! Cliff and Joanna Always n' Forever

  • Pink shirt with white long sleeves that says “Aeropostale”
  • Multi-colored sweater with hoodie (Aeropostale)
  • Pink muscle shirt with butterflies on it (Aeropostale)
  • Fleece sweater that zips up and has a hood on it (Aeropostale)
  • A pink scarf (Aeropostale)
  • Gir shirt "I love the little tacos and I love them good" (Hot Topic)
  • Made in the 80s button (Hot Topic)
  • Green Day and Avenged Sevenfold patches (Hot Topic)
  • Silver bracelet with pink flower in the middle (Hot Topic)

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    Trans Siberian Orchestra- Christmas Eve In Sarajevo