December 4th, 2005

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So, uh, yeah. I apologize for that last entry. You remember, the one nobody understood. (At the time, I was beaming, and when I'm beaming, I do weird things and think everyone knows what I'm talking about.) Let me give you a recap/update/fyi-type thing.

First of all, this is my formal introduction to the community. Since then, I have broken up with Sam. It wasn't easy, and I almost gave in when he started crying. (The crying is what kept me in that relationship for a year after it expired.) So no more two-timing with my heart! Yay!

Me and Timothy were going to meet at my college graduation, but I've since changed plans. I'm adding another year so I can study abroad as an undergrad, which is still a good idea as of thirty seconds ago. :)

Timothy insists that when I go, I let him take care of my pet turtle.
That's just a little background info for this AIM conversation.Collapse )

I love him. I totally, totally love him. To the point that to jump on him and make love the very first time we meet doesn't actually sound like a bad idea! I mean, I'm going to RUSSIA for a year! Why the hell not.

Oy. I think I'm the insane one.

Well, that's been the update! Happy Sunday. :)

mod post - help meeeeee

I need your help here..

Matty and I are trying to plan ahead because in a year and 5 months from now he'll hopefully be coming with me to my senior prom. Right now we're just trying to plan the plane trip because a hotel isn't really a necessity right now. Chances are if we can't find a hotel that's cheap enough, he'll stay with me. The problem? I'm totally uneducated on planes and I'm not really sure where to go to find out how much money it'll cost (round trip) but he and I really want to plan it now, well ahead of time, so we can make enough money for it to happen. Do any of you have an idea of how much it would cost for a roundtrip plane ticket from Washington (state) to Massachusetts and back?

thanks in advance
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