November 21st, 2005

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Me: Here's a weird question, I kinda know the answer to... Am I a... household name? In your family?
Him: Yeah. Is that okay?
Me: 'Kay, another weird question... How's your mom feel about me?
Him: She thinks we're going to get married. She has it figured that you're going to get your degree and then propose.
Me: How does she know?!
Me: Actually, are you serious?
Him: I wouldn't lie about marriage, Angel!
Him: Yes, though.
Him: I'm serious.
Me: Ha! ha, hahaha

Nothing Special

So I started some christmas shopping and I got Anthony a xbox 360 along with Dead or Alive 4. He doesnt get it until tomorrow but I wanna get him a little something on the side as well. I dunno what else to get him? Does anyone have any ideas on what I should get him?

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