November 20th, 2005

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Uhm. Soyea.

I love him, so more than I've ever cared for any guy. And it took me five flipping years to figure that out.

There is this technical glitch between us. It's the "you're-not-actually-in-a-relationship-with-him" one that- oddly enough- too many guys around here have been trying to take control over. It's like someone has separated all the men in the world into two groups... them && Tony. I want to be with him forever, to marry him and settle down with him. I can't imagine myself with anyone else. Hell, I've tried to be with someone else. I go back to Tony.
And I know it's too early for Christmas- to exchange gifts at least. However, I recieved the best gift ever about two weeks ago. My best friend (in a ldr && online relationship with Tony's best friend) stopped me and swore that if I breathed a word of what she was going to tell me to Brian (her boyfriend) that she would be sorely upset with me. Of course, I won't- but that doesn't mean I can't write about it here. [Aren't you glad? ^_^?] Apparently, Tony and Brian had been talking and as norm, Tony asks if Brian has talked to me or Samantha. Then, between Brian and Sam, he said, "Does LeeAnn have a boyfriend?" Her: "No...?" Him: "Good. Then she's spoken for."
I talked to him today. A short conversation- his dad was arriving in 45mins- nevertheless, it reminded me of how utterly head-over-heels I am for him. Of how much I just wanted to jump up and scream- "HE'S MINE, YES, HE'S MINE!"

I'm sorry for rambling... I just felt like I need to explain myself. Tony is everything I'll ever want. And somehow... I have the impression that we will make things work for us. Christmas is a magical time- I won't get my hopes up too high- but I will dream. =D
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My boyfriend is really sweet and I love him to death. He went out with my father a day before halloween which was about a month ago and he came back with something really cute. My boyfriend Anthony walked in the door and says Here babe, Happy Halloween and it was a cute build-a-bear that was dressed up as the tin-man from the wizard of oz, I was like awwww baby he is so cute, thank you very much. So I took some pictures of him and I would like to share them with you. Here are the pictures of my new friend.

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